• Monte Sant'Angelo
  • Santa Maria di Monte Berico
  • Colonia
  • Calvanico
  • Santiago de Compostela
  • San Giovanni Rotondo - Santuario di San Pio
  • Fatima
  • Mont Saint Michel
  • Olevano sul Tusciano
  • San Pietro in Vaticano

The International Association for Sharing of Shrines (AIRS) was founded in 1998 by Giorgio Cracco (President), Giancarlo Andenna, Gabriele De Rosa, Giorgio Otranto and André Vauchez, based in Turin, at the Erik Peterson Library, with the intent to aggregate, around the complex sanctuary themes, scholars and specialists of historical and religious disciplines, as well as memories of patriotic memories and local traditions.

In December 2010, the headquarters of the AIRS, entrusted to Giorgio Otranto, was transferred to Monte Sant'Angelo (FG), in an environment made available by the Fathers Micheliti, custodians of the sanctuary of San Michele Arcangelo, and by SE Michele Castoro , archbishop of Manfredonia - Vieste - San Giovanni Rotondo. AIRS currently also has a detached house in Vicenza, entrusted to the care of Gino Alberto Faccioli, and a representative office at the University of Paris Nanterre, entrusted to Catherine Vincent.

The AIRS has, among other things, dealt with the revival

of the Project "Census of Christian Christians of Italy from Antiquity to Today", founded in 1997 by André Vauchez, Director of the École française de Rome, have joined many Italian universities. The initiative, which envisages the systematic census of the various types of Christian sanctuaries among the active and non-cultured ones present on the national territory, is a broad spectrum of research on a series of complex issues related to the sanctuary reality.

In 2010, AIRS launched the volumes of the "Sanctuaries of Italy" series edited by De Luca Editori d'arte, organized

for individual regions, entrusting care to Roberto Rusconi, with the scientific advice of Giancarlo Andenna, Sofia Boesch Gajano, Ada Campione, Giorgio Cracco, Giorgio Otranto, André Vauchez, Giovanni Vitolo. The founding of this Necklace is one of the most significant novelties in the history of Italy's historical-Christian studies of the last decades.

AIRS periodically publishes AIRS NEWS, an agile communication tool with members for dissemination of initiatives and ongoing activities.

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